Luxury Submarines are the Latest Craze of the Super-Wealthy
(Hey, Let's All Pool Our Money Together!)

by Brian Vaszily, founder of

I don't envy those with great financial wealth because there are no parallels between such riches and the true wealth of a happy heart and elevated spirit.

But at the same time, and probably like you, I don't think I'd turn down a billion or so if it were offered to me. I am certain, perhaps because of my background and my path since then in life, I would use it quite charitably... but okay, I would buy a few big-boy toys.

And because the sea is so unexplored and holds so much secret knowledge and fascination for me, the latest craze of the super-wealthy -- a private luxury submarine -- would definitely be one of them.

Costing anywhere from $80 million to $150 million dollars -- out of my range at the moment, but perhaps if all the readers pool their money together? --these private submarines grant the opportunity for several people at a time to explore the wonders of the deep oceans in extreme comfort and safety.

Not Your Ordinary Yacht

Unlike regular yachts, the "underwater yacht" or "submarine yacht" can continue toward its destination smoothly and quietly when the water gets rough. It simply lowers to the ocean floor and glides along up to 16 knots.

Luxury submarine makers/salesmen from the Persian Gulf to the Pacific Ocean say "fantasy and secrecy" are the prime basis of this new nautical industry.

It is not known who owns the estimated 100 luxury submarines swimming along the ocean floor. In fact, it is essential that the boat builders keep closed lips and not tell anyone of these millionaire owners. (It is a well-known secret, though, that Microsoft co-founder Steve Allen is one of the luxury submarine owners.)

Bruce Jones, president and founder of U.S. Submarines, built his first diesel-and-battery-powered sub in 1993. Since then all of his sales contracts include a confidentiality clause to protect the buyer’s identity.

A Few Ultimate Underwater Yachts

The Phoenix 1000 is a 4-story tall yacht that is a blend of a tourist and military submarine. At 213 feet long, it is the largest underwater yacht to be built.

The Seattle 1000 is a 3-story vessel with five staterooms, five bathrooms, two kitchens, a gym, a wine cellar and a 30-by-15-foot observation portal. This "mid-size" model (how modest!) only costs $25 million.

Customers can choose between 14 luxury models in the Exomos showroom at Dubai’s Jebel Ali Free Zone. Since 2005, 18 vessels have been launched from there, and currently 26 clients await delivery on their underwater yacht.

If you are one of those 26, I promise I'll give you a free subscription to the newsletter in exchange for a ride so we can both experience new wonders.

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