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Brian Vaszily (pronounced "vay zlee") is a motivational speaker and author of the #1 bestseller, The 9 Intense Experiences (Wiley Publishing, 2011) -- called one of the best motivational books of all-time by many reviewers. He is host of the highly acclaimed Deep Transformation personal growth workshops, and the founder and editor in chief of IntenseExperiences.com, one of the world's most popular and unique personal growth websites with hundreds of thousands of readers.

Thousands have complimented the Intense Experiences site and newsletter, calling it "deep, life-changing, unique, and FUN," "wonderful, empowering," "education and inspiration," and "one of the best newsletters on the Net" ... see a sampling of these kind words here.

Brian Vaszily is also a widely renowned and respected life coach, an internet marketing training leader, and a positive change advocate who has been featured extensively in the media, including ABC, NBC, and Fox News.

He leads seminars and workshops that have positively transformed the lives of thousands. His works include the international bestseller, The 9 Intense Experiences, which #1 New York Times bestselling author Marci Shimoff called "a beautiful, unique, and powerful guide, a must read for anyone who truly wants to achieve his or her goals and dreams”; the #1 selling life story book, The 400 Biggest Questions to Easily Capture Anyone's Life Story; and the award-winning and widely loved novella, Beyond Stone and Steel.

Brian Vaszily Vision & Mission

Brian Vaszily's life mission is to enable people to achieve their greatest goals and far greater happiness while overcoming the traps - often well-hidden - that hamper that success.

Brian Vaszily believes the biggest issue facing the world today is a growing sense of individual insignificance and disconnect from self-awareness, true purpose, empathy, joy and wonder.

Despite endless opportunities for "intense experiences" -- engaging and transformational experiences of the mind, body and spirit -- people are settling for a success-sabotaging, health-depleting and happiness-numbing pattern of mediocre experiences.

And of course, if people are primarily allowing mediocrity in, then mediocrity is primarily what they will get out, including anxiety, depression, feeling overwhelmed, feeling insignificant and all the rest. People are settling for existing versus really LIVING ... but that will change.

To achieve his life mission of helping people discover a sense of deep purpose, wonder and happiness, and achieve their greatest goals and success, Brian Vaszily founded and leads the "home base" of all of his work, IntenseExperiences.com.

This includes the free and popular "Live Deeper" newsletter that provides a wide variety of intense experiences of the mind, body and spirit through which readers can greatly improve their lives.

Brian Vaszily Personal

As noted in his popular manifesto on how to achieve success that several well-known musicians are making into a song, Brian Vaszily believes in being here now and always moving forward, and that the past is good for two things -- the happy memories and the lessons it provides. Still, those who are inspired and transformed by his work often and understandably ask about his past.

Like you, Brian has experienced many beautiful joys and successes in life, he has a wonderful network of friends and family including the best son, mother, grandmother and sister a man could ever hope for, and he is grateful for it all.

Perhaps also like you, he has also met many major challenges in his life and grown from them. For example, he grew up in a rougher Chicago neighborhood where he was mugged and beat up multiple times, had to learn to defend himself physically, and where several of his young friends were killed in gangs. Beginning around the age of nine for Brian, his father went through a long period of being a severe alcoholic and being abusive to Brian and his family; Brian's father was a funny and brilliant man who spoke fourteen languages and demonstrated deep love and kindness many times, but he became a man angry at himself who never properly dealt with serious tragedies in his life such as the death of another of his sons, Brian's half-brother. Brian's father died after a horribly difficult and decade-long battle against disease, when Brian was twenty. At that same age, twenty, Brian became a father and husband.

The next two decades of Brian's life provided serious challenges to say the least, including living on food stamps and being on welfare for a period, losing a good friend in college in a car accident, almost losing a best friend to cancer, going through a difficult divorce, going through bankruptcy, losing two uncles to disease, going through another difficult divorce, and more.

But aside from wishing those who have passed away were still here, Brian is deeply grateful for the lessons all of these challenges provided.

And FAR MORE SO, those years were filled with great triumphs and joys, including helping to raise his son into the kind, talented and bright young man he is today; graduating with high honors from college; experiencing strong success earlier in Brian's career when he worked in management at major corporations and dot-com startups; retaining a strong and friendly relationship with his exes; of course launching IntenseExperiences.com and building it into one of the world's most popular and respected personal growth websites, and through his books, articles, videos, speeches, workshops, life coaching and more, helping people experience the greater happiness, success and inner-peace that is already inside of them; and truly countless other joys and triumphs that each and every day has provided.

Today Brian Vaszily again lives in Chicago, Illinois. He loves spending time with his son when his son is not at college, and with his family and friends. Brian loves delving into new experiences -- of course! -- but some of his ongoing favorite experiences include playing tennis and volleyball, comedy and improv, reading, playing his drums, exploring music of all sorts, creating music, dancing, visiting art museums and galleries, watching films, trying new cuisine, hiking, traveling, and daydreaming (a most important intense experience!)

Brian Vaszily Media Interviews

Brian Vaszily has been interviewed extensively by the media, including CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, and more. If you are interested in interviewing Brian Vaszily, or would like to see some of his recent interviews, head to Brian Vaszily media interviews now.

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Brian Vaszily Personal Growth Articles

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