Intense Snippets #1

by Brian Vaszily, founder of

Intense Snippet #1
New Experiences Produce Interleukens & Interferons – A Powerful Defense Against Cancer
According to scientists, the exhilaration and joy you get from delving into interesting and new experiences does even more than expand your heart and mind and elevate your short-term mood… it also can help protect your body against cancer. That’s because the exhilaration and joy releases what are called interleukens and interferons in your body, and cancer cannot develop nor survive in the presence of these substances.

Intense Snippet #2
The Biggest Bug Ever … and It Had to Be a Scorpion!

British scientists recently discovered a massive claw embedded in 390-million-year-old rocks that they say belonged to an ancient sea scorpion. They estimate the bug had to be about 8 feet long, making it the biggest bug ever known. This finding suggests that ancient spiders, insects and similar creatures were much larger than previously thought, according to Simon Braddy, a University of Bristol paleontologist and one of the study’s authors. Yet another reason to be thankful you live in the present.

Intense Snippet #3
For a Better Sleep: The Smell of Jasmine
According to research, the scent of jasmine leads to a more restful sleep and greater alertness the following day. Other research has shown that the smell of jasmine increases brain waves associated with deep sleep. Give it a try by placing live pink jasmine plants in your bedroom … they are fragrant and make great houseplants. Or sprinkle a few drops of a 100% pure jasmine essential oil on your pillow at bedtime. Or on your significant other’s back, if you’re a spooner.

Intense Snippet #4
Captain Kidd’s Ship Finally Discovered
An underwater archeology team from Indiana University – acting on a tip from a Dominican Republic resident -- has finally found the wreckage of a ship abandoned by the infamous pirate Captain Kidd in the 17th century. Treasure hunters have been searching for the ship, called the Quedagh Merchant, for years. Amazingly, the ship was discovered a mere 70 feet off the coast of Catalina Island in the Dominican Republic … in less than 10 feet of seawater. Even more amazing, the ship has never been looted and all of its treasures including gold and silver are intact.

The discovery could prove very valuable in expanding the understanding of piracy in the Caribbean and in Captain Kidd specifically. Kidd was convicted of piracy and murder in London and was hanged to death over the River Thames, where his body remained hanging for two years. But today some historians believe Captain Kidd was actually a privateer, secretly paid by the government to battle enemies, versus a true pirate.

Intense Snippet #5
Bossaball: New Sport Provides a Fun and Intense Workout
Start with volleyball on a trampoline-like playing court, add some soccer, gymnastics and an optional dash of capoeira, and you’ve got the new sport of bossaball. Popular in different corners of the world ranging from Brazil to Singapore to Belgium, many believe bossaball’s next stop will be the shores of the U.S.A. As you can see in the video below, in bossaball players use their hands and feet to propel the ball over the net and try to score while bouncing and doing acrobatics on a giant inflatable trampoline. Wow. I feel fortunate if I can merely get a few good serves off in a row.

Bossaball Action