Experience More. After All, That’s Why You’re Here.

Experience more. That’s the key to it all. That’s why you’re here.

I’ve strived to define happiness as succinctly as possible for years and, while it is forever a work in progress, here’s where it’s at: Happiness is hopeful movement.

Think about that. Then look around you. Look at all the people you know and encounter. How many are stuck in a rut? Perhaps they live to work, or live to watch TV, or live to play video games, or live to complain that life is too complicated or too boring or that nothing good ever happens to them.

Back in the late 1800s my friend Henry David Thoreau said, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” He meant women, too. And he wasn’t kidding.

When you’re caught in a rut – when you quietly wish you could enjoy life more, experience amazing adventures like “other” people, achieve more, live and love deeper, but on you roll doing the same thing over and again – you’ve lost hopeful movement. You may be moving, but let’s be frank: it’s a death march. Or a death roll, as the case may be.

There’s a simple and powerfully effective way out. Even if you are generally happy with your life but find yourself in the occasional rut – in finding love, escalating your career, overcoming disease, finding peace – there’s a wonderful way out.

Life-Changing Experiences in All Sizes

Experience something new. From food experiences to music experiences to spiritual experiences to outdoor experiences and other life-changing experiences the opportunities to delve in deeper are endless. Experience more, and stay committed to doing so for the rest of your life.

Look around you again. Look with deep awareness – as if you’ve lost something valuable and you need to find it. For most that is the case, after all. We all start out as children with the easy ability to see endless potential and adventure in the world around us. Then most of us lose it, or allow others to knock it out of us.

Look around you with deep awareness, with the eyes of a child, and you will see an abundance of intense experiences just waiting to be discovered. Even more now than when you were a child! This is your happiness, waiting to happen. Whether they’re small experiences or giant explorations, the potential for hopeful movement is everywhere.

Your (Fun) Doorway

As a subscriber to the free IntenseExperiences.com site and newsletter, you’ll discover wonderful, challenging, unusual, wild, peaceful and intense motivations and suggestions to experience more.

I’ll deliver some of these, and other writers, artists, scientists, spiritual leaders, experts and aficionados from across the broad range of human interests and endeavors will deliver some of these. Best of all, soon you will be able to deliver some of these too (we all have intensity to share!)

They’re here for a reason, all these things right before your nose and on the other side of the world that you can delve into, feel and know. Move forward hopefully. Experience more.

-- Brian Vaszily