Funniest Road Signs Ever - 25 More

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Throw Stones Sign

They were just asking for it.

Not in Use Funniest Road Signs


Everyone loves a smart alec. Especially during rush hour.

Unattended Children

Funny Signs

Okay, what the?


How to really lure those customers in.

Funniest Road Signs

Thanks, but what is the blue stuff above it?

Upside Down Signs


More from the smart alecs.

Secret Signs

How did the Soviet Union not win the Cold War again?

Stealing Letters Funniest Signs

An ther one j st ask ng f r it.

Diesel Chicken

Down the street from the roadkill pattymelt place.

Road Surprises Sign

Imagine the big group of people in party hats up the road
who are going to jump out and yell, "Surprise!" This sign spoiled it.

Road Advisory

"But why wasn't there a road sign earlier to let us know that
this sign advising us of an upcoming sign was coming up? What kind of place is this?"

Help Yell

Or both.

Fire Exit Sign

I smell a lawsuit.


But only at this time.

Cemetery road sign

Well ... true.

Prison Funniest Road Signs

Well ... true again.

Dangeros Soccer

I'll bet they're interesting games over there.

Garbage Funny Sign

There IS a difference you know. I guess.

Cops Hide

Much appreciated!

Funniest Road Signs

Perhaps not one of the funniest road signs, because there really are skeletons dancing all over that area. Really.

Nasty Buffet

Well really, who hasn't been to a nasty buffet? At least this one is honest.

Funniest Road Signs

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