The 25 Funniest Road Signs

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Funny road signs ... WELL, here at, we LOVE giving you experiences large and small that transform you in some way -- and laughing is one of the most powerfully transformative of all experiences...

Even laughing at strange and funny road signs like these below!

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And now, the 25 funniest road signs and other signs:

Funniest Road Sign Cow Falling

Cows falling? Seriously?

Sharp Edges

Prompts MANY questions. Such as why? And how many were tempted to
therefore touch the edges? And who can actually read the other warning in the fine print?

Accidents Prohibited Sign

Hey, idea! If this road sign is working, why don't they
put a sign like it on ALL the roads?

Phone Just Ahead

That's only 108 miles. Don't panic.

Airplane Crossing Funniest Road Sign

Airplanes? Here? But...

Caution Water

And warning: it's the wet kind of water.


And isn't that just the perfect metaphor for so much in life?

Do Not Sit on the Crocodiles

Which means that someone did that in order to prompt the need for this sign.

DQ Sign

It really works.



Fish Poop

Being blunt can be mighty effective.

Flasher Ahead

Um ... wow. And I have no other comment at this time.

Back to School Funny Road Sign

Perhaps it's time to go back to shcool!

ice ice baby

If there was a problem yo I'll solve it
Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it...

Instant Death Sign

"Instant" is pretty fast. Where do they find the time to collect the fine?

Kangaroo Skiing

Also watch for emus on snowmobiles.

Funniest Road Signs

Life in the 21st century, summed up in a sign.

Neuter Them

No Parking Above

No Signs

None. Period.

Press It

Go ahead, press it.

Sign of Signs

Wonder if the sign-maker got punch-drunk and thought, "Ha, let's mess with everyone's head out there in traffic!"

Sidewalk Ends

What I wonder is how many people have ever seriously been like, "Well wow, thank God that sign was there!"


Something a bit lost in the translation.

Slip Carefully Funniest Road Signs

Even more lost in translation.

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