The Softly Intense Experience of Wind Chimes

by Brian Vaszily, founder of

As you read this piece below, listen to the beautiful wind chime sounds and song on this video.

Have you ever taken the time to just sit and really listen to a properly toned set of wind chimes?

It is a positive and healing experience. The changing breeze captured in song on the wind chimes can ease your stress, improve your focus, wash away your anger, and soothe your soul.

If you are seeking to spark creativity, the soft symphony of nature tapping on the tubes provides guaranteed inspiration. For everyone, it is also a peaceful and healthy way to fall asleep, and to awaken.

A Bit of Background on Wind Chimes

Wind chimes dates back to prehistoric times, and have had a particularly rich history in east and south Asia. In ancient times, wind chimes were often elaborately decorated or carved and hung from sacred structures. The Chinese even believed wind chimes were a way to keep bad spirits from entering their small wooden huts.

Today, wind chimes continue to be just as popular in many cultures, but they're utilized more around the home and garden for their attractive appearance and pleasant, healing songs than as spiritual totems.

They are made from various materials such as metal, wood, glass, porcelain, or a combination of any of these, and the better chimes can be toned to produce different sounds. No two wind chimes are ever identical.

So how do they make their magical music?

Wind chimes are made of various-sized hollow or solid tubes that often hang in a straight line or in a circle from strings attached to a top support. As the wind blows, the tubes strike each other, or an object in the middle of the tubes, creating resonating sounds.

The Powerful Healing Effect of Wind Chimes

Wind chimes can have a powerful healing effect on the mind and body.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, “Sound energy therapy, sometimes referred to as vibrational or frequency therapy, includes music therapy as well as tuning fork and wind chime therapy. The presumptive basis of its effect is that specific sound frequencies resonate with specific organs of the body to heal and support the body.”

The resonance and vibration of the wind chimes sound can release stress and emotional blockages in the body. The sound calms the mind which expands conscious awareness and connection with spirit. The positive sounds of wind chimes promote relaxation and reduce anger and tension. It is also said that wind chimes help enhance the mind/body/spirit connection, bringing us a sense of peace and well being.

The Simple Way to Create a Soothing & Relaxing Environment

Wind chimes are a simple and highly enjoyable way to reduce stress, inspire creativity, and create a soothing and relaxing environment.

The following three wind chimes are highly recommended for the clarity of tones their tubes produce, and their sweet to delicate sounds overall.

The Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes

The Corinthian Bell is truly an exceptional wind chime both visually and acoustically.

The Music of Spheres Pentatonic Wind Chimes

The hand-crafted Pentatonic Wind Chime is considered the Stradivarius of wind chimes. Check out the reviews, and note the Pentatonic Wind Chimes are also available in tenor, baritone, soprano and other models.


Natural Ring Bamboo Wind Chimes

The Natural Ring Bamboo Wind Chime echoes the soft, mellow sound of the breeze blowing gently through bamboo tubes. Soothing and natural, this earthy music relaxes you and calms your spirits, making you feel one with nature.

Skillfully handcrafted, this chime combines rustic elegance with beautiful music.