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Unique gifts. Useful gifts. Gifts for men, gifts for women, and gifts for kids that expand creativity, promote awe and wonder, increase intelligence and energy, eliminate stress and the blues, foster relaxation, improve relationships, and most of all, prompt joy and laughter (there can never be enough joy and laughter.)

Unique gifts that are intense experiences unto themselves.

That is what you will find in this list of the top 50 unique gifts. You'll even find many gifts for dogs and gifts for cats that do the same for them ... and their owners.

Think about who you will be giving gifts to this year ... including yourself. Then take some time to browse through this list below. Surely you will discover a unique gift that is right for everyone you can think of. Click on the unique gift's link for more information and to order it.

- Brian Vaszily, Founder


Unique Gifts (from #50 to #1)


Family Name History Print

This is truly a unique and wonderful gift. The origins of anyone's last name (all the way back to the 10th century!) are researched through archives by this company. That includes the name's meaning and key references to it throughout history.

This beautiful family name history print comes matted under a protective acrylic front inside a cherry finished wood frame. Wall mount. Measures 14"L x 17"W.

49) Personalized Pop Art Pet T-Shirt

Submit a picture of any dog or cat (or any pet) and have it turned into these Andy-Warhol-like images imprinted on a t-shirt. Very unique gift that any pet lover will adore! Just upload your favorite pet photo at this site and they turn it into modern art. T-shirts come in adult sizes M-XXL. 48) Forget Sticky Notes! Leave Messages with the Awesome

Digital Video Memo Recorder & Player Refrigerator Magnet

Tell them in unique ways every day that you love them. Remind them to take the garbage out while making funny faces at them. Sing a welcome home song for them even though you're not yet there. Get the last word in on an argument you are having in a surprising tactical maneuver. Now you can record video messages to your friends and family members right on your refrigerator! The LED light flashes when there is a message, so no one ever misses seeing them. Perfect for moms and dads leaving a message to their kids on the fridge (and vice versa), and a unique gift for siblings or college students in a dorm.

47) Matroyshkas (Russian Nesting Doll) Set of 6 Dry Measuring Cups

An irresistible and unique gift to make any cook smile!

These matroyshkas, also known as Russian nesting dolls or babushka dolls, are actually heavy-duty dry measuring cups in sizes ranging from 1/4 to 1 cup.

46) Solar Programmable Chameleon Smart Globe

Soothing and mesmerizing, the chameleon smart globe is ideal for any room where you may want to put on your favorite relaxing music and just be. It also adds beautiful energy to parties, events and the bedroom.

You can program it to cycle through the color spectrum or freeze it on a favorite color. It can be placed on pedestals and other surfaces, and it even floats!

Bergan Turbo Track Cat Toy
Exercise your cat's body and brain, and enjoy the experience of witnessing it, with this wonderful cat toy.

< />

44) Now Go Deep When You Go Solo on Your Massages!

The Original Backnobber II
Nothing meets a massage performed by a professional, but now with the Backnobber you can go solo, go deep, and be precise in hitting those knots and sore spots on your back. Believe me, you want one of these, and every adult you know who has a back will adore you for giving them this useful and unique gift, too!

(NOTE: Also consider the amazing little Indexknobber II, too!)

43) Happy but Tough Bear Pot Holder

Don't just give your favorite cook another same-old same-old pot holder, give them one that will make them smile every time they avoid burning their fingers!

This bear pot holder is made of silicone and won't stop smiling even if the green bean casserole is overcooked.

42) White Ceramic Toilet Shaped Bathroom Brush Holder

I'll bet you NEVER thought a toilet brush holder could be charming and a sure topic of conversation. Talk about unforgettable and unique gifts!

41) Leaning Men BookendsA unique gift for any booklover, these stylish and sturdy men do a great job of holding up lots of books. They never even take a lunch break!

40) Buzzword Board Game

You pick a card. It contains a “buzzword.” Now you and your teammate (or teammates) have 45 seconds to solve 10 clues, and each answer for each of those clues must contain that buzzword.

For example, if the buzzword was “apple,” and the clue was “the object of my affection,” your team’s answer would be “the apple of my eye.” This is a great board game for small get-togethers.

39) Quiet Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier in Adorable Animal Styles

Pick your animal - frog, cow, dragon, duck, elephant, leopard, panda, penguin, pig, or Spongebob Squarepants (he's an animal, though of the lower Porifera phylum.)

Then pick one of these high-quality ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers.

They provide relief for colds, cough, flu, congestion from asthma and allergies, and help avoid dry skin, dry coughs and irritation.

And they're mighty cute.

38) Have FUN While Expanding Your Knowledge of Wine!

WineSmarts - The Stylish Game

Use it as a personal learning game, use it as a competitive game. However you use it, you are going to enjoy learning all you ever wanted to know (and then some) about wine. Be sure to have a glass of your favorite pinot noir on hand while playing!

37) YOUR HOME is the Center of This Topography Map Jigsaw Puzzle

The center piece of this unique 400-piece jigsaw puzzle is any home address!

Based on an extract from the U.S. Geological Survey, the map includes all the fascinating details of the area, including main roads, contour lines, water features, vegetation, notable buildings and structures, and more.

The completed puzzle shows an area 6 miles East-to-West and 4 miles North-to-South of home.

36) Give Them the Unique Gift of The Finest Tea for 3 or 6 Months!

6 Month Loose Tea Club

3 Month Loose Tea Club

6 Month Tea Pouch Club

3 Month Tea Pouch Club

Mighty Leaf makes some of the world's finest teas. Any tea lover will appreciate their 3 or 6 month club - each month Mighty Leaf sends them a different tea. You choose whether you want tea pouches or loose tea sent! You can't go wrong with this gift.

35) For Parties, Holidays, Events and (Ahem) Even the Bedroom:
Chauvet Hurricane 900 Fog Machine ... Truly a Unique Gift!

Think fog at an indoor or outdoor party ... fog for Halloween effects ... fog for grabbing attention for anyone who does stage shows (musicians, magicians, poetry readings, etc.) ... and even fog in the bedroom for a unique romantic evening! Then think of the Chauvet Hurricane 900 Fog Machine because it provides, well, fog!

There are two higher levels, as well ... the 1100 and 1300 Fog Machine (the bigger the space and the more fog you want, the higher the level of the machine you should consider.)

Note: Also grab Chauvet Fog Fluid for the fog machine.

34) They Do Not Have This!

The Bottle Opener Hat

For that man or woman who you think has it all, oh no they don't. They don't have this hat with a stylishly built-in bottle opener.

And chances are, they would want one if they knew it existed.

Especially if they like wearing hats.

Especially especially if they like opening bottles.

33) Scrolling Programmable Digital License Plate Frame

Now initially you might think this is a great gift for young men and women who drive, and it is. But why not put some love and positivity on the roads behind you by inputting your favorite uplifting messages in this scrolling digital license plate holder?

32) Qwirkle Board Game

This board game has earned multiple awards and accolades, including a Mensa Select Award.

It shares some similarities with Scrabble, though you are attempting to build connecting lines of shapes and colors versus words.

Qwirkle is easy to learn and so adaptable to different age groups that even young children love it, but if you are playing with other adults prepare for an addictive high-strategy experience!!

31) The Tree of Life MouseRug®

A mousepad in the style of a miniature Persian rug with brilliant reds and blues.

It is made of soft nylon fibers, feels like a rug, and your computer mouse moves brilliantly over it and will love you for the extravagant experience.

(Check out all the other styles too!)

30) New Retro Silver Modern Metal Salvador Dali Wall Clock

A strange but wonderful world deserves a strange but wonderful clock.

Tock tick.

29) Paws & Effect: The Healing Power of Dogs

If you know anyone who loves dogs, this is a unique must-read book on the amazing ways in which dogs heal human beings.

28) Solar Powered Mysterious Blue 100 String Light Set

Perfect for the holidays because this beautiful string of 100 blue lights is solar powered.

Perfect for any tasteful decorating you want to do indoors or outdoors throughout the year.

A unique gift for college students, too, as they love to decorate their dorm room windows.


Make 99.9% Pure Water Out of the Air!

Save Big Money on Drinking Water & Stop Wasting Plastic Bottles

These atmospheric water generators are easy to use, quiet, and energy efficient...

They end your reliance on municipal water, well water, or store-bought water...

Because they pull water right from the atmosphere!

Click below for more information:

EcoloBlue Atmospheric Sparkling Water Generator

26) Video Catnip - A DVD Cats Love to Watch (Really!)

Well if people are so glued to their TVs, might as well get the cats addicted too!

Pop this DVD in and be amazed at how engaged your cat is!

25) Solar Powered Wind Chime with Changing Color Glass Sphere

This wind chime has four solar panels that provide power for an LED contained inside a crackled texture glass sphere.

The LED progresses through seven colors, one color every three seconds, and its light is refracted through the glass, creating star-like patterns on walls and floors.

The sphere also acts as a striker for the five aluminum chimes that hang from the canopy, producing a gentle cascade of tones in breezes. Beautiful, cool ... truly a unique gift!

24) Huckleberries? YUM!

Huckleberry Gift Crate: 10oz Wild Huckleberry Syrup & 2- 3oz Jams

Huckleberry syrup may not be as common as maple, and huckleberry jam not as widely known as grape or strawberry, but they are incredibly delicious!

unique gifts

23) Sandals with a Secret Compartment for Keys, Cash, Cards!

YogiStash Sandals

These sandals -- available in women's sizes and styles and men's too -- contain secure compartments in the soles for credit cards, i.d. cards, keys and cash.

Ideal for short trips (such as to yoga, hence the name they gave the shoes) where you don't want to haul your purse or wallet!

Great for college students, too.

22) Gourmet Chocolate Covered Jalapenos

A unique YUM! One or two pounds of gourmet chocolate dipped peppers in three varieties you choose from: sweet, mild, and spicy. Check out all of their other unique chocolate-dipped delights, too.

Chocolate Covered Company, Incredible Berries, Indulged

21) Roger von Oech's BALL OF WHACKS

Unlock your creativity, discover fresh perspectives on anything by playing with this proven "toy" - 30 magnetic pyramid shaped pieces that act as building blocks!

Based on the rhombic triacontahedron, this ball consists of 30 magnetic pyramid shaped pieces that act as building blocks for an unlimited number of uses.

You can create inspiring shapes, challenge yourself to recreate patterns shown in the activity book, have fun forming new designs, and much more. A useful and unique gift!

20) 2010 Global Pet Expo "Best in Show" Winner!

Arachnoid Ball Dog Toy

I am not sure dogs know or care about the cool spider web design.

But what I do know is that dogs LOVE chasing this durable, flexible, award-winning rubber ball that bounces all over the place!

19) Deep Tranquility in Your Living Room or Bedroom

"Flow" - Ambient Waterfall Nature DVD

Flowing, trickling, sparkling and cascading water is the theme of this amazing one hour DVD. All natural sounds, all natural visuals, with no commentary and no distractions. The perfect antidote to a long day, the perfect way to spend a weekend morning. Go with the flow.

18) Know Any Sushi Lovers? Give Them the...

Wasabi Board Game

You are an apprentice to a sushi master competing against other hopefuls, and you must prepare the best combinations of taste, color and creativity with your sushi. You can also earn special actions to disrupt your opponents’ painstaking creations in this unique, fast and extremely fun board game.

17) Buckyballs


Make sculptures, puzzles, patterns, shapes, and more with the unique Buckyballs.

This amazing magnetic toy will demonstrate to anyone -- even those who think they are not all that creative -- just how much imagination they really do have.

16) For Any Child or Child-at-Heart Who Loves to Play With Their Food:

The Food Face Plate (Different Faces Available!)

Forget mom or dad warning you not to play with your food! This high-quality plate inspires creativity and inspiration and makes eating even more enjoyable. Make spinach hair, a green peas mustache, asparagus tip earrings and more.

15) Bubbles in the Shape of Bananas? YES WE CAN!

Zometool - Crazy Bubbles

All Zome Toys are all brilliant fun, but how can I resist recommending this one that allows you to make bubbles in unusual shapes such as squares, spirals and bananas?

14) Best New Music of the Year!

Take a Bow - Greg Laswell

I listen to a lot of new music from a wide variety of genres, but it is Greg Laswell who gets my vote as musician of the year, and his album Take a Bow which gets my vote as album of the year.

Whether you like singer-songwriters, rock, country, folk, electronica or all of these, chances are you too will love the voice, melodies, depth and originality of this amazing album!

13) Make Your Dog Smarter While She Has Fun!

Dog Smart Puzzle Toy for Dogs
"The Dog Smart toy is designed for both small and large breeds. Hide a few treats in the recesses which are covered by hollow blocks and watch as your dog tries to locate the hidden treat by sense of smell."

"Because the blocks can not be knocked over, your dog will need to figure out how to lift the block with his teeth or paws in order to retrieve the treat."

"These unique wooden puzzles are designed to enrich your dog's mind and foster a stronger bond between you and your pet."

"Nina Ottosson's puzzle toys for dogs will revolutionize the way you play with your pet and provide a positive outlet for your dog's energy and intellect."

12) "Hi. I'm Mat." Doormat

In my ongoing campaign to banish boring doormats, I present the "Hi. I'm Mat." durable doormat. A unique gift that will help ensure that everyone entering home is in a good mood (or at least increase the odds!)

11) Unique Gift Indeed! Make Ice in the Shape of the Famous Moai Stone Statues from Polynesia

The mysterious Moai stone statues found throughout Polynesia are massive ... the tallest is 33 feet and weighs 75 tons!

But you can now bring them down to size and have them chill your favorite beverage with this unique Moai stone statue ice tray.

A great conversation piece to remind you of the mystery and wonder of our world, and how nice it would be to be laying on a Polynesian beach.

10) Gravity Shot Glasses 7 Piece Set

If you or someone you want to give a unique gift to is going to do shots, you might as well serve them in interesting style while greatly reducing the chances of spilling (these become increasingly valuable as the night goes on!)

This is a magnetic shot glass serving tray with 6 shot glasses. The shooters have magnetics on the bottom that let them adhere to the metal serving tray.

The shot glasses are made of plastic, so no worries if they are
dropped once they are off the tray.
Colorful and clear with a fun modern shape.
Stylish and pretty to display.

9) FrolicCat BOLT Award-Winning Interactive Laser Cat Toy

This amazing toy will keep even the laziest of kitty cats leaping, jumping, and batting with glee. Actually, it will keep you laughing, too!

8) Full Body Spandex Suit Costume in Green, Orange, Red or Blue

Not just for Halloween. Not just for sporting events. Not just for going grocery shopping.

For any occasion, why wouldn't you want to wear a full body spandex costume in green, orange, red or blue?

Just watch how it changes how the world perceives you. Just watch how it changes how you perceive the world.

The only open question is, what is your color?< />

7) Gorillamobile Flexible Tripod for Cameras, iPhones & Other Mobile Devices

This amazing tripod for the iPhone and other mobile devices has over two dozen joints in its legs so you can bend it in myriad ways.

Whether taking pictures, using GPS, watching video, having a conversation, or reading on your mobile, this is an extremely useful (and cool looking) device that makes a great gift!

6) Sequence Board Game

This game is not only one of my all-time-favorites, but it tends to become an all-time-favorite of anyone else who plays it with me.

Playing from the cards you were dealt, you try to form a sequence of five chips in a row on the game board while blocking your opponents from doing the same.

Requiring your foresight, backup plans, luck, laughter and sometimes your silence, Sequence is brilliant fun.

5) A Must for Creative and Scientific Types of All Ages!


Position the magnetic rails, buttons, chutes and Ferris wheel any way you want on your refrigerator, and then release the marbles into your creation.

4) Build 7 Foot Tall Skyscrapers from Real Blueprints!

The Uberstix Uberarc 3200 Architectural Series

For older kids and grownup kids who love Tinker Toys and Erector Sets, it is time to graduate to this unique gift!

Designed for kid and adults alike who love to build, the Uberarc 3200 contains 3200 pieces for unlimited architectural creativity.

It contains 8 foundation plans for buildings (real blueprints!)

3) Give Them Positive and Uplifting Films Every Month...

Spiritual Cinema Circle Subscription

Spiritual Cinema Circle sends out three to four new films every month that are deep, positive, and uplifting. These are high-quality films, often with well-known actors, but films you won't typically see in theaters or at Netflix because they aren't produced by the Hollywood giants. These are films instead that, while very entertaining, can change your life and make the world a better place for those you love!

Click below for more info:

Spiritual Cinema Circle


6,210 Acupressure Point Mat for Back Pain, Neck and Shoulder Pain

"Release the "feel good" hormones known as endorphins which flow through the whole body after using the mat for 10 to 15 minutes..."

"A significant reduction of the stress and pain levels in the body after 20 to 30 minutes..."

"A significant easing of pain and increased activity ability after 30 to 40 minutes."


1) The Most Meaningful Gift You Can Give ...
You or Your Loved One's Life Story!

The Life Story Book:
The 400 Biggest Questions to Easily Capture Anyone's Life Story

Think about your family ... mother, family, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles. Perhaps even yourself!

Whose life story have you sometimes wished you could capture to share with other family and with future generations?

This #1 selling life story book (on special sale now) is actually two downloadable books - the book of 400 of the best questions to choose from to capture anyone's life story, AND the workbook which you can print out to fill in the answers and easily make copies of to share with family and friends!

Capturing anyone's life story and sharing it with family, friends and future generations is the ULTIMATE gift - discover more and order the Life Story Book now.