SameLane: Now the Stranger in the Car Behind You Can Talk Directly to You

by Brian Vaszily, founder of

Now, whether we like it or not, drivers will be able to communicate directly with other drivers they don’t even know on the road. And I don't mean communicating via shouting or certain hand gestures – with SameLane they’ll be able to call the stranger inside another vehicle just by being able to see their license plate and having a cell phone.

How does it work?

SameLine, a program from Delta Meridian, Inc. based in Dallas, TX, uses proprietary technology to enable anyone who registers their vehicle in the program to:

  1. Call the SameLane mobile phone line
  2. Enter the license plate of the vehicle in front of them

And that’s it!

Ring, ring, and when they pick up (it costs nothing to receive the calls) you are connected with the stranger in that car to talk about the weather, about their car, to flirt, to try to sell them something, to review the rules of the road with them … sky’s the limit.

Some officials say the technology may help prevent some of the frustration on the road that comes with the inability to communicate with nearby drivers. I wonder how many will use it to get certain points across more effectively that, to date, they’ve only been able to make with a certain body part located between the index and ring fingers.

For more information on the SameLane program, including greater detail on how it works and what it costs, visit