Decrease or Increase
Your Energy Chart:
How Will You Spend Yours Today?

by Brian Vaszily, Founder of

You have fifteen units of energy to spend today.

As always, you have the choice to spend it on experiences that increase energy and the duration and happiness of your life – a GAIN – or to spend it on experiences that decrease your energy and the duration and happiness of your life – a LOSS.

Here is the menu of the experiences you can choose to spend your energy on:

Complaining2 Parts EnergyLoss
Worrying3 Parts EnergyLoss
Regretting3 Parts EnergyLoss
Envying3 Parts EnergyLoss
Judging Others3 Parts EnergyLoss
Arguing4 Parts EnergyLoss
Holding Onto Anger4 Parts EnergyLoss
Giving In to Fear4 Parts EnergyLoss
Seeking Vengeance5 Parts EnergyLoss
Being Thankful1 Part EnergyGain
Laughing1 Part EnergyGain
Complimenting Others1 Part EnergyGain
Relaxing1 Part EnergyGain
Savoring1 Part EnergyGain
Accepting2 Parts EnergyGain
Playing2 Parts EnergyGain
Exploring2 Parts EnergyGain
Giving2 Parts EnergyGain
Celebrating2 Parts EnergyGain
Loving1-3 Parts EnergyGain
Forgiving2-3 Parts EnergyGain
Endeavoring2-3 Parts EnergyGain

So how do you usually spend your daily energy?

How will you spend it today?

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