Benefits of Play
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The benefits of play are widely unrecognized, especially as it pertains to the benefits of play for adults (as you will discover in the articles below!)

As a result of adults a) not playing enough and b) feeling guilty when they DO play ("I should be doing something more important!"), adults are experiencing greater stress, worry, depression, loneliness, and feeling overwhelmed ... and ironically, due to a lack of play - and prioritizing playing highly - they are considerably less productive in their careers and other areas of life!

As tens of thousands of people know, one of the primary focuses of the free Intense Experiences newsletter - one of the world's most popular and trusted sources for personal growth insights based on research -- is how to experience the benefits of play far more so in your life.

Some of these benefits -- the same for children as for adults -- include increased energy levels, great reductions in stress and depression, improved focus and creativity, and improved relationships. Another very prominent benefit of play is of course sharpening your brain's memory, focus, and overall learning abilities.

Below are the most popular and important articles published in the free Intense Experiences newsletter over the years on the benefits of play. Be sure to subscribe to keep learning more (and keep being reminded about!) the benefits of play.

The Top Articles on the Benefits of Play

1) The Benefits of Play: Why You Need to Experience Them Much More (and The Top Toys for Adults)

2) The Most Important Way to Increase Energy, Improve Mood and Improve Productivity

3) How Ceiling Height Impacts Thinking and the Way You Play

(See Benefits of Play articles #4 through #10 below)

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Benefits of Play - Top Articles Continued

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5) Science (Surprisingly) Discovers Childrens' Music Benefits Adults

6) 3 to 1 is the Ideal Happiness Ratio, According to Top Positivity Researcher

7) The Importance of Sport and The 10 Most Bizarre Sports

8) The Funniest Jokes in the World (According to an Extensive Study!)

9) 29 Best Motivational Quotes: "The Real Joy of Life Is In Its Play"

10) The Chicago Toy and Game Fair: Even If You Can't Go, Here are Essentials on the Benefits of Play